Scanning & Digital Photographic Capture

Scanning & Capture Rate Information  (PDF)

ProScansPQS Service Icon

Individually color corrected scans made from 35mm and 2¼ negatives and positives (slides & transparencies). Typically used for ProPrints, websites, as an intermediate step for images that will be retouched, and for general archiving of film images to a disc or computer.

ProScans provide a reasonable alternative to Drum Scans when making Display Prints that are 12x18" or smaller. While not of the same high quality as a Drum Scan, they are suitable for smaller prints and drastically less expensive. We tend to 'major in minors' here, wanting the last precious 7% of quality out of every print we make... non-professionals may be hard pressed to tell the difference between Drum Scans and ProScans in smaller print sizes.

ProScans are produced on our Fuji SP2000 film scanner... an $80,000 workstation that is dedicated to scanning 35mm and 2¼ format film. Scan quality is significantly higher than can be achieved by even the best flatbed scanners and typical film scanners found in home and office.


Hobby Scans

Economical, machine balanced scans from 35mm slides and negatives produced on our Fuji SP2000 film scanner. Most often used to scan a volume of slides or negatives for the purpose of archiving to CD or computer.

Hobby scans are suitable for use as-is in many non-critical applications, and may be post processed at a later date to achieve a higher level of accuracy. DigiTip If planning to post-process, order 'unsharpened' scans for the most flexibility.

Drum ScansPQS Service Icon

Premium high resolution scans from film, print and flat artwork produced on our industry-standard ICG drum scanner. Drum scans are typically used as an intermediate step in producing high quality Display Prints, Fine Art Giclée prints, Magazine - Book - Catalog - Brochure printing (cmyk, offset & web), and anytime a file of the highest quality and resolution is needed for a particular application.

Apart from producing the sharpest scan and the highest resolution, drum scans provide the highest degree of detail in shadow and highlight areas, expressed as dynamic range. Our ICG drum scanner has a dynamic range of 4.0, or about 13 f-stops. 

Copy Scans

Commercial quality flatbed scans of prints and flat artwork up to 8x14" & economical scans of sheet film (4x5 ~ 8x10") and legacy film formats. Most frequently used as an intermediate step in the production of prints from existing photographs, especially old photos that will be restored and printed.

2D Photographic Capture

When an original is too large to scan, we use Digital Photography to create digital files of large format prints and artwork up to 40x60". Precise studio lighting, Nikon D3 35mm and Better Light 4x5 equipment is used for absolutely top-notch quality files.

3D Photographic Capture

We shoot 3-Dimensional objects under controlled studio lighting to create digital files of Artwork, product, books, antiques, etc. While most often shot using a Nikon D3 35mm digital camera, we shoot 35mm and 4x5" film for some applications. The film is then drum scanned to create a digital file.