Educational Services

Educational Services Rate Information  (PDF)

PQS: Pro Qualified Service Training

Submitting files that are ready to enter into production for printing, film recording or other service puts you in creative control and qualifies for reduced pricing on PQS services. Each one hour session includes five 8x10" ProPrints from your prepared files.

Photoshop: Basic to Advanced Training

Photoshop is the workhorse of digital imaging. Quickly cut through the complexity and learn the tools and techniques that put you in creative control of your images. Each one hour session includes three Production Prints up to 10x15" to check your results.

Digital Camera and Workflow Training

Learn the basics of using a digital camera and how to get the best quality prints. File formats and sizes, color spaces, best workflow practices. Each one hour session includes 20, 4x6" Snapshot Proofs to check your results.

Display Calibration Training and Calibration Hardware Rental

Learn how to calibrate your display for predictable printed output. Each one hour session includes laptop calibration and a 24 hour Eye One calibrator rental and two 8x10" Production Prints to check your results.

1-on-1 Instructors

Dave Santillanes, Digital Imaging Department Manager
Advanced Photoshop Technician
Advanced Web Technician
BFA, Colorado State Univ.
Joined DigiGraphics in 2001

Kevin Yamashita, President
Production Service Manager
Advanced Digital Camera Technician
Photoshop Technician
BFA, Colorado State Univ.
Joined DigiGraphics in 2000

Les De Moss, Founder

Contributor & Editor: Photoshop "Lab- Canyon Conundrum" and "Photoshop 5" by Dan Marguiles
Advanced Photoshop Technician
Founded DigiGraphics in 1977