policies and procedures


We are regularly entrusted with images and other materials having significant commercial, legal, and personal value.  Materials placed with DigiGraphics are handled with the utmost regard for privacy. You can be assured that the work we perform is handled professionally and confidentially.   


Our terms are cash. We accept Visa and MasterCard, Postal Money Orders, Certified Checks and Personal Checks drawn on local bank accounts.


A deposit may be required on an order depending on the amount and type of service requested. Some services require payment in advance including Production Prints, RAW scans, Uncorrected Digital Slides and orders placed through DigiGraphics Online. 


Submitting any tangible or electronic media, image, data, file, card, disc, device, film, print, slide or negative for any purpose, such as processing, printing, duplication, alteration, enlargement, storage, transmission, or other handling, constitutes an AGREEMENT that any loss or damage to it by our company, subsidiary or agents, even though by our negligence or other fault, will only entitle you to replacement with an equivalent quantity/size of unexposed photographic film or electronic media. Except for such replacement, our acceptance of the media, image, data, file, card, disc, device, film, print, slide or negative is without other liability, and recovery for any incidental or consequential damages is excluded. No expressed or implied warranty is provided.


DigiGraphics is ethically and legally bound to uphold copyright law. Unless you are the owner of the images, books, artwork or other material submitted to DigiGraphics for copy, duplication or other service, or present a verifiable written consent from the owner, we will not be able to provide services. Additional Copyright Information


Nude images approached in a tasteful, artistic manner are accepted. Explicit or lewd images will be rejected. We reserve an absolute right in making these determinations.

We work closely with law enforcement when possible criminal activity is suspected in images placed with us. Images depicting violence, hate, or other criminally questionable subject matter are subject to review by law enforcement.


Unless prior arrangements have been made, it is expected that completed orders will be picked up within two weeks of completion. We assume no responsibility for loss or damage to orders, including materials submitted with orders, beyond 30 days following completion.  Completed orders more than a year old, including materials submitted with orders, are destroyed.


Our goal is complete client satisfaction with our work. If an order is not satisfactory we ask that it be returned along with the paperwork, originals and all other materials that were part of the order within 5 days for consideration of a remake or refund.

Clear cut issues involving non-subjective errors such as short quantities, physical defects such as bent corners, tears or scratches are immediately reprinted or refunded without hesitation.

After a review the work we produced, the service that was ordered, and the quality of the original material that was submitted, we will either: resubmit the job into production for a correction, or refund the cost of the items being returned. We reserve the right to make this determination to protect ourselves against claims of poor quality resulting from choices that are beyond our control such as wrong service ordered, poor quality or damaged originals, incorrectly prepared digital files, misunderstood cropping - color space - file resolution, and expectations that exceed or ignore service descriptions provided in this website.

Subjective issues dealing with color, sharpness, contrast, and artistic services such as design, retouching and image manipulation are determined on a case by case basis with consideration given to the type of service that was ordered and whether or not the quality is within our standards for that service. If we determine that improvement cannot be made without elevating the order to a higher level service, we will either: elevate the order to a higher level service charging the difference or, refund the work being returned.