about DigiGraphics

DigiGraphics employs some of the most qualified, experienced and talented photographic technicians of any lab. Eighty percent of our employees hold degrees in Fine Arts and average fourteen years of employment with DigiGraphics.

DigiGraphics was established in Irvine California in 1977, specializing in Chrome Services for business and industry: E6 processing, Duplication, Title Slides and Type R Custom Printing.  Originally named Gerards Photo Lab, our name was changed in 2002 to reflect our commitment to digital imaging.

By 1990 we were operating five full service professional labs across the western United States employing over 100 people in facilities located in Irvine CA, Santa Barbara CA, Colorado Springs CO, Fort Collins CO, and Salt Lake City UT.

We've since distilled our operation down to this, our most technically capable laboratory, in Fort Collins Colorado, which was established in 1984.

Our strength and experience in traditional photographic processing paved the way for our emergence as the area's premier digital photographic imaging laboratory in the mid 90's. Our digital capabilities led to a significant increase in services, including digital scanning, printing, and a variety of photo-based graphic design services.

In November 2008, DigiGraphics purchased Carl's Darkroom in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The operation was then moved to our Fort Collins, Colorado facility.

Carl's Darkroom specialized in E6 processing and duplication services, harking back to our early roots. DigiGraphics continues Carl's Darkroom's tradition of quality with Refrema E6 dip and dunk processing equipment and diligent process control.

The name DigiGraphics resulted from our commitment to Digital Imaging, Photography, and Graphic Design. In combination, these services provide our clientele with an unequaled level of convenience, value, and consistency in the creation, processing, and preparation of images for print, web, and display.