E6 Slide and Transparency Processing

Note New Mailing Address for Film Processing Effective March 17, 2015
(See Updated Mailing Label Further Down on This Page)

Refrema E6 Processor

Complete, print (for best results use the "Print Form" button at bottom of order form), include copy with your order. Print an additional copy for your records.

Incomplete Forms May Delay Processing
Please help us serve you efficiently by being thorough. Missing or inaccurate information may delay your order until you can be reached by phone or email.

Film is typically processed and return-shipped within 24 hours of receipt, excluding weekends. Unusually large orders and orders placed during times of high volume may require additional time.

"Clipped" Form Information on Some Printers

Some printers "clip" information at right of form. Use the green "Print Form" button at bottom of order from for the most dependable results. If information is clipped, please re-enter missing information by hand to insure we invoice for the amount show on this form.

Shipping Methods
Priority Mail is the most common, least expensive, and default method of return shipping. Select Federal Express if faster service is required (Street address required, no PO Boxes). Our experience with the speed and dependability of Priority Mail has been excellent.

Shipping Fees - Important
Shipping fees are estimated on this form. Actual charges are applied when shipped. We charge the actual amount of shipping for the carrier and service selected, plus the greater of $3 or 10% of the carrier's fee for packaging and handling.

Mounted Slides are Numbered & Dated by Default
35mm slide mounts are automatically Numbered and Dated. Check the "NO IMPRINT" box at bottom of the "Order Details" section if blank mounts are required.

Other Film Types and Services
For services not listed on this form such as C41 & BW Processing, Reprints, Scans, etc., simply request in your special instructions.

Security Concerns? We Understand....
The information on this form is not transmitted over the Internet:
If concerned, enter charge card information by hand after printing.
We do not save Credit Card information
in our database unless specifically requested under the 'Special Instructions and Comments' section of the order form below.
If concerned about sending credit card information in the mail:

You may call Customer Service with your credit card information Prior to Shipping your order: 303.698.2962.

Do not send credit card information via email:
Email is not secure.