Professional E6 Slide and Transparency Processing

DigiGraphics at Denver Digital Imaging Center processes Slide and Transparency film for clients across the nation and beyond using our critically controlled, state-of-the-art "Refrema" rack and tank film processing line.

Most mail orders are processed and return-shipped on the same day that film is received.

E6 Mail Order Form Arrow

Use this form to calculate processing fees and estimated shipping costs. Simply fill out the order form, print and include with your shipment to DigiGraphics. Printed form includes an address label to DigiGraphics and tips for safely packaging your film.

Discounted Mail Order Rates for E6 Arrow

E6 by mail order is heavily discounted to help offset the cost of shipping to and from DigiGraphics:

Film Format, Service


Mail Order

35mm Mounted Slides


$ 8.50

35mm Process & Sleeve


$ 7.00

120 Process & Sleeve


$ 7.00

220 Process & Sleeve



4x5 Sheet

$ 3.70

$ 3.00

5x7 Sheet

$ 8.80

$ 6.00

8x10 Sheet


$ 9.00

Complete E6 Service Information

Other Processing and Imaging Services Arrow

DigiGraphics is a full service professional laboratory offering a complete line of processing and imaging services. Index of Services.

To process other types of film (C41, BW) or to make prints or scans from previously processed film, simply add your request to the Special Instructions section on the E6 Order Form.